02.02.2010 Ready? Set. Go!

Client Meeting + Team Meeting

This project is really starting to pick up pace! We had a good chat with the Mel and Jessica this evening. They gave us good feedback on the affinity diagram, pointing out the extensive impact of constraints and the potential muted-ness for authority tension. We really want to get the NASA visits settled as we only have about four more weeks to do our research.

It’s a pity (or a blessing in disguise) that we can’t perform our research entirely on NASA personnel, since access to astronauts is pretty scarce. Instead, we have to look at many different analogous work domains. In order to make things more efficient, we tasked each person to become the “expert” in that domain:

  • Jenn: Space Missions and Newspaper
  • Noah: Airline and Submarines (Navy)
  • Christine: Space Missions and Power plants
  • Jesse: Hospitals and News Broadcasting
  • Katy: Kitchens and Disaster Response

Btw, must thank Sara for pointing us to so many good resources…I am really inefficient when it comes to literary reviews. Never really know what to look for. This is why I would have never made it as a lawyer :).

We also decided to split up and try to work in smaller teams from now on. Even with just five people, it’s difficult to come to a conclusion sometimes (I’m still amazed how my team of 7 worked out last semester – oh yeah, we broke up into 4 and 3.) We kind of have the research plan document in the bag. Noah and Jenn are going to work on the presentation due tomorrow in class, and Jesse, Katy and I will hash out the Field Guides.

Ready? Set. Go!


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